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How to Tie a Tie Pro

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Now includes the Eldridge and Trinity exotic knots. In the coming updates new tie knots will be added. Collect the entire collection of knots! No ads. Doesn't require any permissions. You can tie any knot, even most complex, in a couple of minutes, at any place without internet access. How to Tie a Tie app saves your time and money.
App advantages for you: • Additionally to the 13 free classic tie knots includes 9 more modern and extravagant styles:
• Eldredge • Trinity• Cavendish • Grantchester • Manhattan • Balthus • Christensen • Onassis • Bow-tie
Also you will learn how to fold a pocket square in 8 different ways: • Diagonal Shell • Cagney • Square fold • Winged Puff • One Corner Up Fold • Tow-Corner Up Fold • Straight Shell • Inverted Puff Fold
Use 2 other great features: • Auto-step scrolling - with your hands free, you'll be able to tie a tie on your own • Mirror mode will help you see steps of the diagram as you see your reflection in the mirror.
How to Tie a Tie is best suited for businessmen who have to tie their tie daily and for those men who face this challenge from time to time.